Illustrasjonen viser en dame og ett barn som er i ett rom. Barnet holder sine hender på damen sine hender


This page is about TAKOM. TAKOM stands for tactile communication.
  • Tactile signs are read with the hands and are based on signs from Norwegian Sign Language.
  • Tactile signs are adopted when the person does not receive sufficient information through the visuals. The tactile signs can be customized and adapted for the person who will use them.
  • Tactile signs can be used by people who are blind, visually impaired or have other complex learning disabilities. Tactile signs can be used by people who use other forms of communication, to support language development.

This resource can be used to:

  • initiate or begin with tactile signs
  • Grant access to languages
  • Language setting situations in everyday life
  • Use in everyday situations that are repetitive during the week

The tactile signs are divided into categories. Under the categories are films of tactile and visual signs, as well as stills of the tactile signs. The movies and photos can be downloaded. A limited selection of characters has been made in each category, but this can and will expand over time.

In order for both to access the tactile sign from their own perspective, the tactile sign must be instructed. First say the character from your own perspective, then make the tactile sign on the other person. Then instruct the tactile sign from the person's own perspective.

Making tactile contact can be about getting in a position to speak with tactile signs or to show something. Feel free to start on the shoulder, then you get a mutual attention towards each other. Pull the attention line from your shoulder, and down to your elbow, from there down towards your hand. Then you are in a position to speak with tactile cues, or show something.

Working theme-based provides opportunities for repetition over time, which contributes to the tactile signs being frequently used and eventually becoming familiar to the person who needs them. Under activities you will find examples of activity plans that show a way to structure theme-based work with tactile signs. Underneath each activity plan are templates that can be downloaded and printed.

Thank you to all of you who have participated in TAKOM

  • To Mustasj who has created such a nice and functional website! To Gøran Forsgren, who now works as a project manager at the Nordic Welfare Centre and who travelled all the way from Stockholm to film the new films with us.

    To colleagues in Statped: Siw Klementsen, Harald Wischmann, Nadina Helen Bakos, Hege Krog and Mette Eid Løvås.