Activity plan

Activity plan for category "Animals"

We read a personal tactile book and talk together.

What must the activity contain in order for it to be carried out?

We chose this activity because the child has a cat named Minnie that it's very fond of. To carry out this activity, you will need:

  • A free room
  • Two chairs, table
  • Tactile symbol for "cat"
  • Ipad
  • Two glasses
  • Milk carton with milk
  • A toast
  • Tactile book "Minnie the Cat"

Objectives of the activity:
Learn tactile signs associated with the tactile book about the cat Minnie.

Working method/activity

After breakfast at school, we go into a group room where we can sit undisturbed. Before the activity starts, we lay out everything we need:

  • The tactile book "The Cat Minnie"
  • The tactile symbol for "cat"
  • A milk carton, a bowl, and two glasses
  • iPad

We each sit on our own chair with a table in front of us. We always start the activity by singing the song "There were two cats on a table". It's nice to use tactile signs if possible.

Then we start talking about cats and feel the tactile symbol for "cat". We look at the tactile book about "The Cat Minnie". The book focuses on how Minnie feels and what she likes to do. We take our time on each page, feel the pages together with the child, and discuss how they feel. Minnie likes milk, and so does the child. We set out the milk carton and drink milk while talking about this. Have a bowl in front of you and feel the bowl. We talk about how Minnie  drinks milk.

Finally, we take out the iPad and listen to the book "The Cat  Minnie" on Book Creator. There are sounds and videos of the cat Minnie. We listen to how Minnie drinks her milk and talk about it. End the activity by feeling the tactile symbol for cat and using signs like cat, read book, and "finished".

Song "There were two cats on a table"

  • There sat two cats on a table

    kvirrevirrevitt bom bom

    Then one said to the other, my friend

    kvirrevirrevitt bom bom

    Shall we not climb down again

    kvirrevirrevitt bom bom

    And then both climbed down again

    kvirrevirrevitt bom bom

    And when they were down

    kvirrevirrevitt bom bom

    Then the other said, my friend

    kvirrevirrevitt bom bom

    Shall we not climb up again

    kvirrevirrevitt bom bom

    And then both climbed up again

    kvirrevirrevitt bom bom

Suggestions for tactile signs that can be used with the activity plan.

Files to download - blank activity plan