Illustrasjonen viser en mann og ett barn på ett kjøkken ved ett kjøkkenbord. De holder på en pepperkake form sammen. Foran barnet er en pepperkakedeig og en pepperkake form som er trykt i pepperkake deigen. Kjevle ligger ved siden av
Activity plan

Activity plan for category "Holidays"

Celebrating holidays is something children often look forward to. It's exciting to talk about and fun to do together with others.

What must the activity include to be carried out?

To conduct this activity, we need a space at the kitchen table and access to an oven. We must have the following equipment ready:

  • Apron
  • Rolling pin
  • Baking paper
  • Gingerbread molds
  • Baking tray
  • Wheat flour
  • Ready-made gingerbread dough
  • Spatula/knife

objective of the activity: 
Participate in Christmas preparations.

Working method/Activity

In this activity, the child will participate in Christmas preparations by rolling out, shaping, and baking gingerbread cookies. This is a longstanding tradition at the school.

To prepare the child for what's to come, we begin the day with a morning gathering where the child can talk about the day and get to feel/smell a gingerbread cookie. Tactile signs such as Christmas, advent, cake, decorate, bake gingerbread cookies, and eat gingerbread cookies will be natural signs to use in this activity.

Let the child join in your movements as you start by getting the gingerbread dough and rolling it out. Press out the gingerbread cookies and place them on the baking tray. Remember to demonstrate through your hands and tactile signs what is going to happen.

Repeat the tactile signs throughout the process. When it's time to bake the gingerbread cookies, go over to the warm oven and put the baking tray in together. Set the timer together and discuss that when it rings, the gingerbread cookies are ready.

Suggestions for tactile signs that can be used with the activity plan.

Downloadable files - blank activity plan