Illustrasjonen viser en sofa hvor det sitter en voksen og ett barn. De ser på Ipad som ser ut som en bygning. Det er en snakkeboble på den voksne og snakkeboblen viser bilde av sprøyte, blodprøve og plaster.
Activity plan

Activity plan for category "In hospital"

Having blood tests at the hospital can be something one dreads.

What must the activity contain in order for it to be carried out?

In this activity, we have used an iPad with a pre-made book in the Book Creator program. This program enables the creation of a tailored book for each individual child by incorporating pictures and sounds from the relevant hospital. The book can ideally be designed in collaboration with the child's caregivers. During the activity, we should be in a quiet group room where we can sit undisturbed.

In addition to the iPad with the Book Creator book, we also need a plaster.

Objectives of the activity:
Prepare the child for a trip to the hospital.

Working method/activity

The child often goes to the hospital for blood tests, and soon it will be time again. Being well-prepared can help the child feel calmer and know what to expect. Therefore, we conduct this activity twice a week to ensure a continuous and recognisable experience.

We sit beside each other so that both the adult and the child can view the iPad together. We pick up the iPad for the child and use voice and tactile signs to indicate that we are going to talk about the trip to the hospital.

The child participates in flipping through the digital book alongside the adult. Along the way, we comment using tactile signs on the pictures/sounds found in the book. For example, driving to the hospital, where the child will have an examination by a doctor and a nurse. Afterwards, we take a blood test. Before heading home, we buy ice cream at the store and drive home.

We let the child take the lead on how long we spend on each page, and when we are finished, we use the tactile sign for finished at the hospital.

Suggestions for tactile signs that can be used with the activity plan.

Files to download - blank activity plan