Activity plan

Activity plan for the category "At school"

In this activity, we have based ourselves on something that can happen during a typical school day, often repeating multiple times throughout the week.

What must the activity contain in order for it to be carried out?

For this activity, intended to be conducted during Norwegian class, the person leading the activity must have prepared by reviewing the tactile book in advance and planned which tactile signs to use in connection with this plan.

The following are needed to carry out the activity:

  • Ensure that the reading corner is available.
  • Have a group of three children present during the reading session along with the child.
  • Use the tactile book "A Trip in the Forest".
  • Ensure that the adult leading the activity can sit uninterrupted throughout the entire reading session.

Objectives of the activity:
Participate in reading from the tactile book alongside the rest of the group

Working method/activity

The child is prepared for the activity by using tactile signs such as: you, I, read book, together, children, and reading corner.

Upon entering the reading corner, it's important to inform the child of who is present, so they become aware that there are other children in the reading corner.

Ensure that the book is within the child's reach. The book being read is about a trip the children have taken, where they have collected treasures along the way.

The adult points to the pages in the book and explores the tactile images together with the child. The other children also get to feel, and as the story progresses, naturally connect it to tactile signs.

When the reading session is finished, tactile signs such as: finished, read book, and together are used.

Suggestions for tactile signs that can be used for this activity plan.

Downloadable Files - Blank Activity Plan"