Activity plan

Activity plan for the category "meal time"

To eat food is something we do every day. So, it's a common activity and a good place to start with tactile signs.

What must the activity contain in order for it to be carried out?

Get familiar with the tactile signs you'll use for this activity so you can execute them well. 

To carry out this activity, you'll need:

  • A designated spot around the kitchen table. Ensure there's no visual or auditory distractions that could disrupt attention.
  • A chair for the child and one for yourself. Be mindful of how you position yourself in relation to the child's vision and how you can achieve effective communication.
  • Plate, knife, cup, and a black mat. Toppings, bread, and drinks.

Objectives of the activity:
Participate in the social interaction around the table, engage in spreading, cutting, and pouring your own drink during the meal.

Working method:

For breakfast, it's important to have spreads like butter, liver pâté, and white cheese, a plate, a black mat, milk, a cup, and a knife ready. This is a transition, so it's important to prepare the child before entering the room by using tactile signs for eating and breakfast.

Sit close to the child on the left side. Let the child follow your movements as you slice the bread, spread the toppings, and pour the milk. Use tactile signs naturally along the way. If the child's hands are not available, you can do the tactile signs on top of the child's hands. It can also be nice to let the child have their right hand over yours when making different movements, such as spreading the bread or filling the glass with milk.

Let the child choose between liver pâté and white cheese. Take your time with this, and use tactile signs to describe the cheese and liver pâté. Let the child also feel the spreads.

If you are eating at the same time as the child, you can let the child feel your throat and talk about both of you eating, using tactile signs. When the child is finished eating, you can talk about both of you being finished eating with tactile signs.

Suggestions for tactile signs that can be used for this activity plan

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