Tips for tactile activities

It is important to provide a varied range of tactile experiences for both children and adults who are beginning to learn sign language in tactile mode.

Sensory box with "song theme"

Create a sensory box, for which you will need:

  • A box
  • Rice - it can be slightly warmed or not, depending on the child's preference.
  • Choose props representing various songs.

Hide the props in the rice and let the child find them. Once the child has found them, sing the song that the props represent to make the activity more enjoyable and engaging.

Treasure Hunt

For the treasure hunt, you will need:

  • An empty egg carton

Take a walk with the child and bring along an empty egg carton. While on the walk, collect treasures along the way and place them in the empty egg carton. The treasures you find can be a good starting point for conversation when you return

Water play

To have a water play you need: 

  • A tub
  • Access to water

For this activity, you can use a rhyme related to the weather. Then, you can vary the pace and splash with the water. The idea is to splash together in the water with your hands. Go at the child's pace, and when the child is finished, end the activity.