Illustrasjonen viser en dame og ett barn står på badet foran en vask. Damen og barnet tar sammen på barnets munn. En snakkeboble fra damen og det vises en dame med blå skjorte på.
Activity plan

Activity plan for category "At the dentist"

Dental appointments aren't always enjoyable, but they're something that frequently occurs during childhood years. Therefore, it's an important activity to prepare for and discuss

What must the activity contain in order for it to be carried out?

The child is going to the dentist. We're going to prepare the child for what will happen there. We need the following to carry out the activity:

  • Toothbrush Toothpaste
  • Glass of water
  • Mobile phone with sounds

Aims of the Activity: 

Preparation for the Dentist

Working method/activity

The child is going to the dentist, and to prepare them for what will happen, we discuss it at school. At school, we take the time to talk about this to make the whole experience more understandable and less frightening.

To help the child prepare well, last time we recorded sounds from the dentist's office on our mobile phone.

Afterwards, we sit in the bathroom, each in our own chair, and lay out the toothbrush and toothpaste. We discuss concepts like toothbrush, teeth, mouth, and smell the toothpaste. After discussing this, we listen to the recordings together and talk about what happens at the dentist, such as rinsing the mouth and opening the mouth.

We end the activity by listening to the song "Puss puss så får du en suss" by Trond Viggo Torgersen.

Suggestions for tactile signs that can be used with the activity plan.

Files to download - blank activity plan