Activity plan

Activity plan for the category "My family"

The theme of my family can lead to enjoyable, meaningful, and exciting conversations.

What must the activity contain in order for it to be carried out?

To conduct this activity, preparation is necessary. The child should be provided with an empty toy suitcase to take home. Along with the suitcase, a letter is sent to the parents, informing them that the child should fill the suitcase with pictures or items representing their family and home. Here, creativity can flourish! The contents of the suitcase may include pictures, a memory stick with audio or video files, toys, and similar items. This forms the basis for conversations with the child about their family and home.

To carry out the activity, the following must be in place:

  • The toy suitcase must be filled.
  • An available room with a computer accessible if a memory stick is needed, along with two chairs positioned so that communication with tactile signs can take place and the focus can be on the suitcase together.

Objectives of the activity:
To familiarize with tactile signs for mum, dad, little brother, and big brother.

Working method/activity

We enter the room and take our seats at the table with the suitcase in front of  us, we sit on our own chair. An activity should have a consistent start and a consistent end. For this activity, we have chosen two songs. To start the activity, we play the song "Family" by Trond Viggo Torgersen on the mobile phone.

Once the song is finished, we look at what is in the toy suitcase and talk about the child's family.  Here, we use tactile signs for mum, dad, little brother, big brother, and dog. The activity will vary depending on the child's initiative and interests. We follow the child's movements and add tactile signs where natural.

The conclusion for this activity is a rhyme called "Roof over the cabinet"

Afterwards, we talk about that we are now done playing with the toy suitcase and talking about the family.

Roof over the cabinet.

  • Roof over the closet (We pull out a blanket)

    The toy suitcase into the cabinet (We hide the toy suitcase under the blanket)

    sullan sullan loppan lei

    Go away! (We remove the blanket and the toy suitcase)

Suggestions for tactile signs that can be used for this activity plan

Downloadable Files - Blank Activity Plan