Illustrasjonen viser en dame og ett barn som er i ett rom. Barnet holder sine hender på damen sine hender
Activity plan

Activity plan for the category "in the nursery"

In this activity plan, we've incorporated popular movement songs commonly used in a nursery setting

What must the activity include for it to be carried out?

For this activity to be conducted smoothly, it requires structured guidelines to ensure predictability:

  • A specific selection of movement songs (starting with just one is fine). If you wish to use multiple songs, establish a fixed sequence so the child knows which songs to expect.
  • Choose consistent tactile signals associated with the activity and the songs.
  • Ensure the child is seated comfortably and doesn't need to expend energy stabilising their body. Sitting on the floor on a mat is ideal. Position yourself behind the child to provide back support. Keep the child's hands accessible, and sit in a way that allows you to shape their hands. Consider having a mirror in front of you to observe the child's expressions. If sitting on a mat, ensure it's laid out before bringing the child and provide pillows for support

Activity objectives: The child initiates participation in movement songs by using their hands alongside others

Working method/activity: 

In this plan, we conduct the activity daily at a fixed location, and it can be repeated several times a day. This is beneficial for both the child, who can benefit from repeated repetitions, and for the staff, who can practice tactile signs multiple times.

We have selected a total of three movement songs for this activity, each with its own set movements. When choosing songs, it's advisable to include the child's favourites or songs that are observed to be enjoyed by the child.

We always begin by communicating with the child through tactile signs for "you", "I", "together", and "song time", while also using our voices. We repeat this several times to clarify what we are going to do.

Once we are comfortably situated on the mat and the child is seated comfortably, we start the song time. We may start by informing the child that it is now time for songtime. The sequence of songs is fixed: We start with "Incy Wincy Spider", then "Pat-a-Cake", and finally "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes".

Feel free to repeat each song three times, and pause along the way to wait for the child's initiatives. If the child wants more than three repetitions, that's fine. Let this be an activity where the child gets the opportunity to take control.

Feel free to use tactile signs for "song time", "you", "I", "together" multiple times along the way.

Song lyrics

  • Little Peter Spider climbed onto my hat. (make climbing movements with hands up to the head)

    Then it started to rain, and Peter fell down. (make hand movements resembling rain down to the ground on the last word "fell")

    Then the sun came out and shone on my hat. (both hands of the child up towards the head, placing hands on the head at the word "hat")

    That's when Peter Spider came to life as he climbed on my hat. (make climbing movements with hands up to the head)

  • Bake a cake so sweet,

    Dip it in cream, such a treat,

    First in cream, then in a stream,

    Along came an old man,

    To poke the cake with a golden pin

    ( "Watch the song on YouTube.")

  • Head, shoulder, knee and toe,knee
    and toe
    Head, shoulder, knee and toe,knee
    and toe
    Eyes, ears, cheeks to clap on
    Head, shoulder, knee and toe, knee and toe.

    When singing "head", touch your head, when singing "shoulders", touch your shoulders, etc. Feel free to sing the song faster with each repetition, or slower.

Suggestions for tactile signs that can be used in this activity plan.

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