Activity plan

Activity plan for category "Resting time "

Resting time is entered as a category on the basis that this activity happens on a daily basis and with small children several times a day. There will be more repetitions on tactile signs.

What must the activity contain in order for it to be carried out?

At noon, the child should be sleeping. Before he goes to bed, it is important to have a regular routine so that he is well prepared for what is going to happen. He needs his pacifier, blanket and teddy bear.

Objectives of the activity:
Good preparation before the rest period, so that the child gets an hour of sleep in the middle of the day

Working method/activity

Take your time and sit in a comfortable before putting the child to bed. If we are too fast, the child can easily become agitated and unable to fall asleep.

Set aside 15 minutes for this activity. Make sure you have a pacifier, blanket and teddy bear with you when you sit down with your child.

Use tactile signs and explain what is going to happen: sleep, rest, bed. Example: Now "you" will soon "sleep". In that "bed" together with the pacifier (put on the pacifier) and the teddy bear (touch the teddy bear) Feel free to bring your child's hand when you touch these.

Feel free to sing the song of the night - for example "good night everyone" with Ebbe's beak (attach link).

Tactile signs featured in the plan

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